GRP Roofing

Fiberglass Roofing:

Flat roofs are renowned for being not only unattractive additions to a property but also inadequate for long term weathering. Often times leaks springing suddenly causing internal damage that is expensive to repair.

The evolution of built up felt roofing systems has lead to torch on systems with a variety of colours and finishes for an attractive durable result. The down side to felt however is the fire risks of the heat and flame techniques that bituminous felt requires.

This has lead to the birth of high performance cold application products, each having their own qualities that benefit varied roof structures accordingly. Affordable roofing services provide flat roofing solutions across The UK and provide free consultation and quotations for every customer and their specific needs.
With this progression problems are being rectified as technology advances in roofing. Flat roof structures can now be considered as a fundamental component of the roofs architecture.

Double the Life Expectancy of a Flat Roof The need to strip the old and replace with new is becoming obsolete. If a Rubber, fibre mat, or single ply system is installed the initial outlay may be more than felt but life expectancy is doubled. Even then after 30+ years the old need not be replaced but replenished with a new layer. At a fraction of the cost of a new roof allowing your roof to last infinitely.
A technical data sheet is provided with our advanced roofing products and insurance backed guarantee comes as standard, this consequently provides you with an information pack that increases the value and appeal of your property whether that to be enjoyed by yourselves in terms of visual aesthetics of the roof, or peace of mind by the workmanship and product supplied.

Affordable Roofing pride themselves not only on rapid response for emergency call out but being at the forefront of modern technologies and advancement Affordable roofing provides excellent in application with unsurpassed product knowledge.

The Decothane systems are based on two high performance polyurethane coatings – Decothane Base Coat and Decothane Top Coat.
Decothane systems are highly elastomeric, highly durable and extremely versatile. Using atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process thus providing the ability to rapidly become resistant to rain damage. Systems are all cold applied, avoiding all of the problems associated with hot works. Fibreglass roofing specialists.

The four standard fully reinforced Decothane roofing systems are certified by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) Which is the UK Government’s test body for the construction industry.

Decothane Top Coat is a tough, UV stable finishing coat, which gives a seamless and aesthetic finish to the system. Both coatings are highly flexible, vapor permeable and resistant to attack by aggressive atmospheric chemicals. Look no further for you fibreglass roofing  company

Fiberglass Roof Covering Benefits:


  • Totally seamless
  • Cold applied – eliminating the risk of fire in an occupied
  • Building during installation
  • ​Highest fire ratings once installed
  • Minimal disruption
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast cure – single component
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Can be applied all year round above 2°C
  • Aliphatic base – non-yellowing
  • High elasticity – allows for greater thermal movement
  • Excellent thermal and U.V. stability for all climates
  • Approved to ETAg 005 (Part 6)